Mike Sturm
A writer, among other things.

I used to keep an updated blog here on my homepage, but as I publish more stuff on Medium, and publish a weekly newsletter, I find that it adds little value to keep my writing here as well. If you disagree, and would like to see it here, drop me a line. I’m open to coutnerarguments.




Think Like No One Else

The Secret Sauce of Incredible Productivity

What Productive People Know that Others Don’t

The Listening Palace: How to Get More out Of Conversations, and Become a Better Listener

You Have 48 Tomatoes — Use Them Wisely

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Grand Theft Time

How Priorities Really Work

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5 Things About Productivity and Success that I Learned from Watching Baseball

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A Better, Easier Way to Journal

Simple Writing vs. Lazy Writing

Content for Content’s Sake

Writing Is Magical

The Problem With Going Viral

Write, To Remain Silent

Writing As Soulcraft

Better Thinking

Think Like No One Else

How to Dramatically Sharpen Your Attention and Focus

The Art and Science of Open-Mindedness

4 Mental Habits to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Mind

The OODA Loop: A Tool for Better Decision-Making

The Power of Negative Thinking

Hanlon’s Razor: How to Avoid Common Missteps in Judgment

Personal Growth

A Simple Method for Mindfulness When Things Get Tough

No Goals, No Passion, No Problem

There Is No Self-Improvement if You’re Not Already Pretty Good

What’s Wrong With Inspirational and Personal Development Writing on Medium

Success Through the Positive Self-Interview

The Most Important Relationship In Your Life

When Goals Become Limits

The Illusion of “Outside Your Comfort Zone”

The Benefit of Single-tasking and how to Get Yourself to Do It

Less, But Better

How to Cultivate an Effective Gratitude Habit

A Few Useful Things I’ve Learned — No Fancy Title

Improvement, Not Success

What Self-Help and Inspirational Writers Might Never Want to Admit

It’s Just Practice

We Forget to Breathe

Business and Entrepreneurship

Is All Our Hard Work Killing Our Future?

Why Startups Need Philosophers

Please, Please, Please Don’t Quit Your Day Job

The Dangers of the New Entrepreneurial Mindset

The Problem With “Results” Thinking

The Best Leaders Follow

What Old-School Manufacturing Can Teach New-School Entrepreneurs

On the Concept of a “Side Hustle”

What If You Invoiced Yourself for All of Your Time?

Why Everyone Should Work in Food Service

On Survivorship Bias and the Pursuit of Dreams


How to Ask Better Questions

The 3:1 Principle for Radically Better Communication


What Your First Question Should Always Be

Intellectual Honesty

Learning Isn’t Collecting, It’s Connecting

I Don’t Read

The Curiosity Quadrant: Becoming Smarter Through Strategic Ignorance

A.B.L — Always Be Learning

Seek First to Understand


Slower, Fewer, Less

The Unexpected Power of Stillness

Simple, But Not Easy

Self-Help Titles and The Sincerity Gap

Why We Never Feel Successful Enough

Actually, It’s Not Passion You’re After

3 Principles for 2017

The Power of Powerlessness

Against the Concept of “Speaking Your Mind”

The Pursuit of Happiness v2.0

The Practical Case for Mercy

The Paradox of Pursuit

It’s Just Practice

In our Rush to Be Great, Let’s Not Forget to Be Good


The Miyagi Method for Better Creative Work

Your Work is Never Done


The Next Obesity Epidemic

Nothing is Meant to Be, and That’s Awesome

Off Demand

What Has Free Speech Done to Us?

Self-Help Title Fails and the Sincerity Gap

The 10 Commandments for Con-Artists

The Hunger of Our Time