Mike Sturm
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wool·gath·er·ing noun
indulgence in aimless thought or dreamy imagining; absentmindedness.
synonyms: daydreaming, building castles in the air, reverie, musing, abstraction, preoccupation, brown study.

The term woolgathering once referred to the act of roaming fields on a pasture to gather loose pieces of wool that had gotten caught in fences, bushes, or the like. At some point, it became a way to refer to the reveries of a wandering mind–the implication being that such wandering was ultimately unproductive. This newsletter exists as a challenge to that sentiment. Some of the best insights I’ve had come from my wandering mind. Here, I share them–and others–with you.

Each week–for the most part–I craft an email meant to help make you step back and think a bit. In it, I include a brief reflection on a broader topic to help stimulate your thought process. I also include links to newer pieces of writing I’ve crafted, as well as interesting links to other writing around the Internet.

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5/28/19 - Woolgathering #97: Impermanence: A User’s Guide
4/30/19 - Woolgathering #96: Active vs. Passive Goals, and Why the Difference Matters
4/17/19 - Woolgathering #95: Selling and Living
4/2/19 - Woolgathering #94: Plato on Better Companies and Better People
3/18/19 - Woolgathering #93: The Concept of Meaningful Work

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